Can AI Help Save Lives? Yes, But It's More Than Just Cool Math!

M&SOM Practice Platform: Can AI Help Save Lives? Yes, But It's More Than Just Cool Math!
Presenter: Dr. Steve Miff

For over a decade, PCCI has been using advanced skills in data science, combined with clinical expertise and social determinants of health experience, to research and develop cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that accelerate innovation to guide action across the clinical and community continuum, especially for vulnerable and underserved populations. With a focus on AI for clinical decision augmentation, PCCI’s teams of data scientists, clinicians, and implementation science experts have been researching, building, testing, validating, monitoring, and calibrating AI/ML algorithms in diverse healthcare settings (e.g., across acute care, outpatient, payers, health departments and community health). This engaging discussion will both highlight how AI can solve some of the most complex clinical and population health problems and describe the entire lifecycle of the AI journey. We will highlight and discuss two specific examples: one is for direct clinical decision augmentation at the point of care (the Parkland Trauma Mortality AI algorithm and program) and one is for a comprehensive AI-guided population health pediatric asthma program.

Steve Miff is the President and CEO of PCCI. He is a healthcare Innovator, Scientist, AI Enthusiast, and Technology & Data Geek with a passion for driving innovative and practical applications to help the most vulnerable and underserved populations. He is a member of the National Academy of Medicine AI Adoption and Code of Conduct Committee, a Senior Fellow on the Health Evolution AI Collaborative and a member on Expert Panels and Listening Sessions for NIST and White House AI Initiatives. He is also on the Advisory Board Member for the Health AI Partnership.

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